Julian at first wasn’t sure what he had heard. If he hadn’t been in such a fragile state of mind he would have sworn that he heard someone knock on the door then ask if there was anybody down there. But he couldn’t be sure. A lot of things were going through his head right now and as he looked one more time over at Mary-Ann he was struggling with what he would do if that door should not hold? Should he go out in a blaze of glory firing until he ran out of shotgun shells only to be ripped apart by whatever was trying to get down here with them, or should he turn the gun on Mary-Ann, sparing her the torment and pain of being torn apart limb by limb but also of seeing her loved one, Julian, suffering the same fate. There was nothing he could do for himself, he didn’t think he could the turn shotgun on himself to end his own life, but he could sure save May-Ann from that fate.

As the tears started to well in his eyes just thinking about what lie in the future for the two of them, Julian was suddenly blinded by a bright brilliant light coming from the top of the stairs.

The door, he frantically thought, someone had opened the door.

It took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the sudden, blinding light, but once they did what he saw almost stopped his heart. His eyes were still watering, but through the tears he could clearly make out of figure that most definitely wasn’t human. He could see no face only and no details other then a large dark mass that seemed to have several arms and legs spouting out from all different angles. It appeared to be standing on four legs, to Julian, and had an equal number of arms that seemed longer then the normal size arm that you would find on a human being.

His mind already racing over the event that had taken place that day, Julian began to imagine how a creature such as the one that stood before him at the top of the stairs, would look out in the open daylight, he imagined a creature that used all of its limbs for movement as it hunted down it’s victims. Maybe the men that he had seen earlier in the day, the ones he mistook for zombies, were really the victims of some horrible plague who bodies had been taken over and would eventually be transformed into something agile – a killing machine, the end result being what he now saw before him.

Will tears once again welling up in his eyes. Julian raised his shot gun toward the figure and the blinding light. “Leave of us alone!” He screamed in a tear filled cry, “leave us alone.”

Then, as if the creature understood, the door closed and Julian and his wife were once again sitting in total darkness.