Henry had started to motion to McClaron as he took the butt of his Springfield and knocked off the door knob to the cellar to wait a moment, but apparently McClaron wasn’t in the mood to wait any longer. Taking his colt and grasping it firmly in both hand and pointing it at the door, Henry knelt down and took aim at whatever might lay behind, waiting to jump out and attack. McClaron moved in front of Henry and gently nudged the door open with the tip of his rifle.

At first neither saw anything, then, as the light penetrated deeper down into the cellar, Henry saw a man, curled up in a tight ball resting against the concrete wall of the cellar. He seemed to be looking at something off to his right, but after a moment he turned to Henry and McClaron and with tears in his eyes yelled at them to leave him alone. Henry started to say something when they heard a noise from outside.

The sun had quickly made its way from its highest point in the sky when Henry and Ford had entered the house to now being sinking, almost ready to touch the tall mountain peaks on the horizon. To either of them it hadn’t seemed like they had been in the house all that long, but today everything about the world seemed to be a little scewed.

As Henry and McClaron looked around they saw nothing but streched shadows criss-crossing the land in the back yard of the small country house. Off in the distance a billow of smoke reached into the sky before being swept to the west by the wind. Town, Henry thought, or what was left of it. As his eyes swept the horizon he saw several more rising billows of smoke to the east. To the west the sun’s edge touched the mountain range, a range shaped like jagged teeth and capped with the winter snow – the Sangre de Cistro’s.

Then, a loud crash. As Henry and McClaron looked to their right they were just able to see a figure darting behind an old barn. As they sat there and watched, they saw several other moving amongst the shadows of the barns interior and more coming across the field.

Being very careful not to make any noise, McClaron kneeled down on his hands and knees, hiding behind the small brick wall of the farm houses porch. After a moment, Henry noticed McClaron taking cover and followed suite.

“What now?” Henry wispered, as he sat down next to the priest.

He just shrugged his shoulders. “Hiding would be the safest bet, like those fools in the basement, but they’ll find us sooner or later. Our next option is to fight, at least that way we will last at least a little while.”

“A little while?” Henry asked, wanting to survive for a lot longer then a little while. “How about getting the hell out of dodge and surviving indefinitely?”

Again, McClaron shrugged his shoulders. “Up to you. Me? I have work to do.”

Getting on his hands and knees, McClaron backed up toward the closed screen door and made his way back inside, being careful not be to noticed, Henry followed.