The door flew open and once again Julian was bathed in bright light. The door struck hard against the concrete wall and Mary-Ann gave out a quick sob. Julian quickly raised his shotgun and aimed at the figure that appeared in the doorway.

“We come in peace.” The figure said. “We aren’t one of them, we are human and we need your help.”

“You fools. You break down my door, put me and my wife in harms way.” He said as tears streamed down his face and as he dropped his shotgun to his lap. “You might as well be ringing a diner bell.”

“My name is Henry,” the figure said, “and I can assure you we mean you no harm.”

Julian raised his shotgun as the man who called himself Henry made his way down the stairs. Henry stopped and put both hands in the air indicating that he meant Julian no harm.

“Lot’s of people died today. We start killing one another then there is really nothing left to fight for, we might as well all be dead.”

“I fight for her,” Julian said, indicating his wife in the corner. “I don’t know you and don’t care about you. Put the gun down.”

Henry knelt down to put his colt down on the stair step.

“Your friend doesn’t talk much.” Julian said, waving his shotgun in McClaron’s direction who still stood at the top of the stairs.

Henry looked over his shoulder at McClaron who just stood there with a stern look on his face. “He. . .he is quite. What’s your name?”


“Julian, we have a little bit of a situation. . .” Henry started to say before McClaron started to make his way down the stairs, stepping over Henry’s colt that still lied on the second to bottom step.

Instinctively Julian clutched his shotgun a little tighter as McClaron made his way down into the basement and in front of Julian. After he stood their a moment he pointed his gun at Mary-Ann.

“Get you ass up stairs, we have work to do.” McClaron said to Julian in growling voice.

“McClaron, what the fuck are you doing, man?” Henry said as he got up, grabbing his colt.

Julian started to raise the shotgun to aim it McClaron.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you mister. Up stairs, now.” McClaron said, motioning with his head for the man to go up stairs.

“You’ll leave my wife alone if I do?”

McClaron nodded.

“You won’t kill her?” He asked one final time as he got up off the floor, letting the barrel of his shotgun fall to his side.

Again, McClaron shook his head in that simplistic way that he liked to answer questions in. “Up stairs.”

The man went up stairs with Henry and McClaron following behind.