Squeeze, nice and easy, Danny thought to himself, the voice inside his head soft and soothing. Do it, do it now, the voice came again this time more insistent when he didn’t pull the trigger the first time.

The man had now closed both his eyes and tears ran down both cheeks as he nealed before him mumbling to himself, waiting for the shot to end it all. Danny had never been one for religion, but faced with the same situation he to might very well find God.

Maybe someday soon, he might.

Danny had spent many restless nights awake in bed listening for the faint crack of bone snapping. Some said this was the first signs of the softness spreading throughout the body, some said it was the discolortion behind the cheek. Danny hoped it was the later; he couldn’t imagine how terrifying it would be to wake-up and find that all the bones in your body had gone soft and you were unable to move, unable to get out of bed to get help, unable to do anything.

He often thought about the things he would miss in the would, the simply things mostly – sunny skies, the smell of rain, walking through in the tress in the fall, watching the leaves turn. Then he would think about the things that he already missed, the things that were no more – girls, getting together with friends, driving the streets looking for trouble. He thought about all those things now that the world had pretty much ended.

Then he looked down at the man kneeling before him, and how that could be him. He could be wondering the streets looking for a kind, compassionate soul to end it all because he couldn’t.

The man’s eyes were once again open, starring at him, pleading with him to do it, pull the trigger, end it, free me from the pain and suffering, free me from the reality that I face, Danny could imagine him thinking.

Danny closed his eyes and gritted his teeth and with all his will power forced himself to pull the trigger. KA-BOOM! The echo of the gun blast once again reverberating off the brick walls of the surrounding buildings and down the alley’s.

When Danny opened his eyes he saw the middle aged man still kneeling before him, his eyes once again open, his hands shaking, convulsively in front of him as if the life was rushing out through his arms and legs, fingers and toes.

After a few agonizing moments where the man starred back at Danny with lifeless eyes, he finaly slumped over and fell to the littered covered sidealk, dead, his hands still convulsing in front of him.