The Forgotten Forest was anything but forgotten. It was a scorched stretch of earth 20 miles wide as you walked from east to west and over a hundred and fifty miles long as you walked north to south. The earth here was black, darker then a moonless night and gave whomever decided to travel through this area at night a sense of vertigo, since you couldn’t tell land from the sky – even though your head told you which was up – and often many began to become convinced after just stepping a few hundred feat into this God forsaken land, that they were going to fall up into the sky.

This is why Samuel, Adam and Anna-Bell got to the edge of the Forgotten Forest just as the first light of the sun creaped up towards the edge of the horizon. Samuel estimated that they would be across by mid afternoon – long before the sun set – but it was still best to get across as quick as possible.

The Forgotten Forest had long been a place intertwined with myth and legend. Small children were told that it was the only place on earth where the spirit world and the world of the living co-existed and it was here, it was said, that the war that would determine if the land would remained the land of the living or fall and become the land of the dead, was being faught. 

As the three of them stood at the edge, they now realized that these were most likely tales told to keep small children away from the area known as The Forgotten Forest, which was the home of many dangerous animals that lived in its long stretch of  gullies or in caves at the base of the many buttes that rose up to meet the sky, here. But this did not make them feel any better. Part of them still took heed in the tales of how the devil made his last stand on this very ground. Of how God when he wanted the devil gone simple placed a large rock upon the earth, trapping him again below the surface for all eternity. They called this spot were this was said to have taken place Cork Rock, a large ominous boulder made out of illustrious sand stone that simply sat on otherwise flat land close to the center of the twenty miles girth of The Forgotten Forest.

As the three of them stood there looking out across the black landscape, this boulder peeked just above the horizon in the distance, daring them to enter, warning them to stay away.