“How will you get close enough to kills this man, Mr. Dean?” Anna-Bell asked as the three of them road on their horses across the open land, where blackness met clear clear sky in all direction.

“Well, I been thinking about that, ma’am.” Samuel said, giving her a slight smirk as her looked her way. “And I might need your help in this venture after all.”

“How so?” Adam said, looking over at Samuel with a concerned look on his face. “Now, I said i would help, since we have your promise that you will let us go unharmed, and all.”

“Rest your spurs, Adam. She is not going to be in any danger, it just that she brings up a good point.” Grabbing a cigar from his pocket, Samuel popped it in his mouth and lit it by striking a match with his thumb. “How do I get close enough to Whitechapel so I can fill him full of lead?”

Adam and Anna-Bell looked at Samuel with blank expressions of their faces.

“Any ideas?” He asked when it came apparent that they were waiting for him to answer.

“Well, like I said, Samuel, we are people of the land, we don’t know nothing about ambushing people or killing them.”

“Well, neither do I Adam, but it still has to be done.” Samuel took a long, deep drag on his cigar and exhaled it in puff of smoke that seemed to hang over the heads of the them as they road along. “He is liable to have his whole place guarded by four, six, maybe as many as eight men, including himself. After the way I came rushing out of that hotel room gunnin’ for ’em, you bet he’ll be armed.”

With a concerned look on his face, Adam nodded his head in agreement. “Like I said, I won’t pick-up no gun, no sir. So if you have to kill those me to get to Whitechapel, you’re going to have to do yourself.”

“I know Adam, I know.” Samuel said as he took one last drag of his cigar, rolled the dying embers of its end between his thumb and forefinger and then threw it to the ground. “If you let me finish my story, I’ll tell you what I came up with.”

“Please continue, Mr. Dean, we are both listening.” Anna-Bell said, nudging Adam to be quite.

“When I saw you folks back there in town looking for someone to take you across The Forgotten Forest, I knew it was a sign. Whitechapel lives on the other side of the forest, and, well, one look at you too and something popped in mind, a plan you see, that might make it possible to pull this whole thing off.”  Samuel stopped his horse, grinning, obviously proud of himself and the plan that he had come up with.

“Back in town people either stepped out of they’re way to let you folks threw or they don’t notice you at all. Then I took a long hard look at the misses, here. She’s tall, about my height. I have broader shoulders then she does, but I figure I’ll fit just fine into that sun dress of hers.” Samuel said, still grinning, tipping his hat at Anna-Bell as if to say much obliged, ma’am.

“Pervert,” she shot back when she heard his plan.

“Maybe, ma’am, maybe. But if Whitechapel sees a married couple approaching his farm, he won’t get agitated one bit, hell, I bet he doesn’t even strap on his pee-shooters when we come knocking on his door. He’ll probably leave them on his nightstand.”