Joe had gone to the bus stop like he had so many times to wait for his wife as she commuted home from work on the light-rail. But that was years ago and now he waited for. . .nobody? Or somebody, anybody that would bring back the fire into his life. He didn’t know what she looked like, he just figured that he would know her when he saw her.

He enjoyed those days, way back when, waiting for his wife. He would sit in his car and read, feel the hot summer sun on his skin. He was young then, she was just a bit older, times were good. He had been a few pounds lighter and had all the hair on the top of his head. Today he cursed his beer belly as he shifted his comb-over onto the top of his head.

As he sat there flipping through the pages of the latest Science Fiction Magazine, laughing to himself as he read some of the title, he took note of a women and man walking down the stairs leading from the light-rail stop to the parking lot. As they reach the parking lot level he saw a van pull up to meet them. When the van got to the curb, the man pushed the women violently away as he jumped inside the van as it sped off, grabbing from the arms of the women a package.

The man threw the magazine onto the passenger seat of his ’78 De ville and rushed over to offer the lady his assistance.

“You alright, ma’am?” He asked as he ran over to her.

“Ah, yeah.” She said as she quickly put something into her pocket. “My ex, bastard. Stole my purse and now I have no way to get home.”

“Where do you live?”

“Alanstown.” She replied, uneasily.

“I don’t know where that is and I have lived in this town all my life.”

“Doesn’t matter, I was getting evicted tomorrow, anyway.”

“Henry Langcaster,” he said holding out his hand, taking the women by surprise.

She shook his hand, questionably. “Amy Nance.”

“That’s a nice name,” Henry said as if he were caught in a day dream. “I can give you a ride someplace if you need.”

Looking around she nodded her head. “Aren’t you waiting for someone?”

“No, just come her to relax and watch the people.”

“Wow, wow, wait a minute. You ain’t a nut-case are you, mister? One of those cereal rapist.” She said taking a few steps back. “I don’t want to get into your car and end up in an alley somewhere.”

“No ma’am,” Henry said, looking offended. “I gave up doing that years ago.”

Amy starred back at him uneasy.

“That’s a joke, my ex-wife said I was never good at making people laugh.” And with that he let out a thunderous laugh that caused his large belly to jump up and down as he gyrated side-to-side with every laugh.

“Ex-wife, huh?”

“Yeah, she left me for another man. Said she couldn’t stand the idea of living into her older years with someone who was bald.” He ran his fingers through his comb-over.

“Doesn’t seem right,” Amy replied softly. “Sounds like she didn’t know a good thing, even when it was right under her noise.”

“Why, thank you ma’am,” Henry said as they started walking towards his car. “If you want I can give you a ride to the gas station down the street, they have a phone there?” He held the door open for her as she sat down in the passenger seat, on the Science Fiction magazine.

When she was comfortable, she pulled the magazine out from under her. “Aliens, Monsters, and Damsels in Distress.” She remarked to Henry as he sat down in the drivers seat, reading the name on the magazine cover.

“I only read it for the articles. They have a great one in there this month about the face on Mars.”


Just another miscellaneous posting. Not sure where this idea came from, other then I thought it would always be interesting to write a story were the hero is the most unlikely of people who finds himself playing the hero completely by accident.