I’m no writer.

Not yet anyway.

One thing that I have learned in the few short months that I have been putting this blog together is that I write more effectively in the morning, when I should be working. Another thing that I have come to understand is that if I am going to get any better, then I better learn to become an effective writer regardless of time of day.

The most obvious reason for why this is is because I am well rested in the morning, duh.

One thing that I am contemplating doing in order to combat this problem and make me an effective writer is to man up and simply put pen to pen paper – or, in this case, finger to keyboard – and make a nightly effort of a good half hour of writing. The only reservation that I have to doing this is that when I’m not “in the zone” or in the mood to write, usually what I put out is bad – really bad.

Currently I write for at least a half hour before work starts in the morning, and maybe another half hour through-out the day, on breaks and lunch, not nearly enough, I know, but under the circumstances and with all the things happening in my life write now, I figure it is better then nothing.