Slowly, Ryan opened his eyes and moved his head to look to see what was around him. He was lying on a gurney, a large bright light shown down on him from directly above, his mouth was dry. He tried to sit up but found himself unable, realizing that leather restraints firmly held his arms and legs down. He licked his lips as he tried to open his mouth to talk.

“Just relax, and give yourself a minute to adjust.” Said a voice off to his left.

Ryan heard some noisein that direction, like somebody putting away utensils into a drawer. Again, he tried to get up.

“Why…,” Ryan started to say before his voice fell to a whisper.

“Why are you strapped down?” The voice answered back. “For your safety, and ours.” There was a pause. ” What is the last thing you remember?”

Ryan didn’t know, he was still to shocked to think clearly, to confused about where he was and, more importantly, why he was here, strapped down on this gurney. All he wanted to do was rub his eyes, and run his fingers through his hair.

“It will take a moment for your mind to adjust, that is if you still have a brain.” The owner of the voice came into view. He was an older man, bald except for a thin layering of hair above the ears, and short and thin, very thin. “Many who have been frozen as long as you often have their brains reduced to… how do you say – mush.” He finished saying, his german accented voice falling to a whisper as he grinned.

Ryan thought hard. Can I even remember my name? Yes,  he thought, my name is Ryan, Ryan Stewart. I was born in 1976, died 2022. My mother’s name was Rita, and my fathers name was Henry. The last thing I remember was…”

“I was in a hospital bed, In Brooklyn.” Ryan said, his voice still barely audible.

“Yes, that is how most like you remember it.” He laughed. “But they never remember then end, end. That moment where you slip from the world of the living into the world or the dead.” He was leaning over Ryan now. “Do you remember the moment that you died?”

Ryan shook his head. “What year is it?”

“2122, a full hundred years after you passed. Funny how life works like that, eh?” He smiled again as he turned around and did something on a table to Ryan’s left. “Things have changed, as you can imagine, but some things have not.” 

When he turned back around he was holding a needle. “This is medicine for your body. The freezing process has done considerable damage to your body. This will help repair that damage.”

“Have we colonized space, yet?” Ryan asked as the doctor gabbed the needle into his arms and slowly injected the milky fluid it contained.

“Afraid not. We haven’t done much in terms of space exploration since your time.” The doctor turned back towards the table and put down the needle. when he turned back around he held a container of what appeared to be water with a long straw, bent at a 45 degree angle. “Drink.”

Ryan drank, hard at first, until the doctor took the water bottle away.

“We have landed men on Mars, but soon after that, the war started and… well, it has yet to end.”

Shocked, Ryan sat up as much as he could. “There’s a hundred year war going on right now?”

“No, no, not a hundred years. It started in 2047. That’s only 75 years.” Again, he smiled. “I am hopeful that it will be over soon. It is not a global war.”

“Well, that is at least something, I guess. The worst wars seem to involve all the major nations. Just between a few countries, then?”


“Two. So not a true world war. We had a war similar to that in my time, the Cold War. Mostly a period of nervous hostility.” Ryan rested his head back on the gurney as the doctor let him drink again from the water bottle.

“This is nothing like that. All the other countries have been defeated, only two are left.” In a mannerism that Ryan would find common to the Doctor, he once again smiled.

*This is another story that has a broader plot then what is written down here and that has been floating around in my head for a while. I might expand on this and use this story to create a bigger, more in depth story in an attempt to write something that is novel length. We’ll see, I do think this one has potential though, for me to break some new ground and try writing something larger then 500 words.