on_the_beachThis film was remade in 2000 which is how I came to know about it. The film stars Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner. Peck plays the captain of a U.S. Naval Submarine, Dwight Towers, who finds himself, along with his crew in Australia in the aftermath of a nuclear war that has left the rest of the world either dead or dying. Ava Gardner plays plays the sister of one of Towers’ naval colleagues, Peter Holmes, played by Anthony Perkins, who falls in love with Towers.

The story is more then a boy meets girl, girl falls in love with boy, boy looses girl story. Like all really good movies, there is a message, and not just a bang ’em, shoot ’em plot. The film was done in 1959 and the story takes place in 1964, after the out brake of a full scale nuclear war. Through-out the film we find out very little details about how, or why this war happened, we are only left with questions of how could they have let themselves get into this positions. The answer to that questions was never truly answered, the only response given, and a good one I feel, is that some politician made the decision that the only way to combat true evil is to arm ones self to the teeth, pushing their level of fear so high that to use these weapons would in the end be futile, which it would be, and would therefore never happen, but it did. In the end we can only conjecture that pride and emotion ruled the day and regardless of the fact that they knew what the outcome would be like, nuclear war broke out anyway, bringing about the end of humanity, save for Australia that hung on to the ridiculous notion that prevailing winds would save them and an approaching nuclear dust cloud would not be blown there way. In a surprising twist to most Hollywood movies of that time period, the inevitable does in fact happen, and like the rest of the world before them, they all die.

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