Under the Dome,  Stephen King’s new novel is coming out in November. I only bring this up because I took an inventory of the Stephen King books I have yet to read – which, there are a few – and I have made it a goal to read at least the ones on my list before the new book arrives. I’m not saying that I will read the new book when it comes out – It’s 1,100 pages long and costs $35 – but I’m just saying I’m a huge Stephen King fan and need some excuse (motivation) to start reading the books of his that I have not yet read. Here is my goal of books to read of Stephen King’s before November:

The Dark Half

Everything is Eventual

The Eyes of the Dragon

The Talisman

The Dark Tower V-VII

Hmmm, seven eight books? I think I can handle that.

*UPDATE: I am adding Pet Sematary to the list because I have heard from many sources that it is one of King’s best. In fact, this might be the next one to read. That brings the count up to eight books.