Freddy felt cold, not to mention dizzy as he floated out in the emptiness of space, the Victory Sunrise – the ship he had called home for the past eight months – just above the helmet of his space suite. Feeling a chill spreading through his body, he looked down at the temperature gauge on his wrist, 68° it read, but it still felt cold.

“Adam, we have to find that other tether. Every time I slip or make a misstep, I fall away from the ship and then it takes me a good twenty minutes to haul myself back in.”

“Roger that, Freddy.” Adam answered back

“I guess this tether is better than floating off into space, but seventy feet…man, every time I reel myself in it feels like I am running a marathon.” Freddy said, in between his heavy breathing.

“Speaking of marathons,what is your oh-two level at?”

“Three quarters full, still.”

“Good, I don’t want to have to suite up and go out there and rescue you…again.” Adam answered back as Freddy reached the end of the tether and reached out to grab onto a metal o-ring on the side of the hull. As he latched his fingers around the ring, he felt the ship violently vibrate, sending him floating back out into space, the tether following behind.

“Dammit, Adam,” Freddy shouted as he swung his arms around trying to get another grip on the ship, but with no luck. “What was that?”

Freddy expected Adam to answer back with some tawdry remark like he usually does, at the very least a devilish laugh, but when he was done talking all he heard over the two-way radio was static. 

“Adam?” Freddy said into his mouth piece. “Come in.”

“Hang tight, Fred, we got company.” Adam finally answered.

He never uses my proper name, Freddy thought. “Adam, if you are going to try and tell me the ship is being boarded by pirates, I’m not going to fall for it. Fool me once, shame on me-“

“They’re not pirates, at least I don’t think so. I have never seen a ship like this, its…Can’t you see it, Freddy? It’s straight to port.”

Freddy turned his head back towards the Victory Sunrise, but saw nothing. “No, the Victory is blocking my view, but I think you knew that Adam, and I don’t have the oh-two to be playing these games.” The tether went taunt and Freddy started pulling himself back towards the ship.

“Besides, we are a scout ship, we have nothing of value. So either these are the dumbest pirates this side of the system, or you are the dumbest co-pilot in the entire universe. Just to be safe, maybe you should hide our water. I’ll be there in a few, and when I get there they better be real pirates.”

“No stay-” Adam’s voice crackled over the headset and then it was abruptly replaced by static.