As Freddy reeled himself back towards the Victory Sunrise, he was constantly looking down at his oxygen gauge on his wrist. He watched as it slipped  below three-quarters, then to a half, and then below a half. He cursed Adam as he went, vowing to report him to the Miners Guild of the Outer Planets Commission if this turned out to be anything other then an obvious threat, and if it was real threat, and the ship was being taken over…

As he reached the Sunrise and laid his right hand on the hull to get a grip, he realized that something was wrong. The ship was vibrating, uncontrollably, as it was being rocked back and forth from the force of a strong wind.

“Adam, open the door. I’m at the starboard access door, C-11” Freddy said into the mouth piece in his helmet, when he reached the door after traversing the short distance from where the door was to where his tether was tied off, trying not to misstep or lose his hold and go flying back out into space.

Adam didn’t answer.

Freddy frantically pushed a button that would let whoever might be manning the bridge that there was someone waiting at the air lock, wanting to get in, in case a comm malfunction. But still the door didn’t open.

“Adam,” Freddy yelled, banging on the door.

Again he looked at his oxygen gauge and panicked slightly when he saw the needle was in between a half  and a quarter, now. As he watched, he thought that he could see the needle falling further as his oxygen was depleted as his hearted raced and panic set in.

For a brief moment, Freddy paused, stuck in a day dream, wondering what would become of him if he remained out here and his oxygen ran out? He starred at his wrist and the oxygen gauge as he held firmly onto the hand grip on the hull, he saw his suited body float past nebula’s and undiscovered worlds, he imagined in horror his body being pulled in by the gravity of a massive star and devoured by its raging furnace.

“Adam,” he yelled once again, not caring that every word he uttered depleted more of his oxygen then normal breathing.

Calming down and realizing something was terribly wrong, Freddy unclamped his tether and started making his way to the opposite side of the ship, where he new that spare oxygen could be found at the airlock on the port side.

As he moved across the hull of the Victory Sunrise, grabbing hand-hold after he hand-hold, he finally made the turn to the opposite side of the ship, which was when he saw the spaceship for the first time.