The ships design was unlike anything that he had ever seen. The main hull of the ship was egg shaped and had two holes cut out of the back, where the engines must be, Freddy speculated. On top of that was a large triangular structure that jutted up and leaned forward, almost like a horn. Freddy couldn’t make out any seems or rivets other then the openings in the rear of the ship. Even where the triangular top part of the ship met the egg-shaped lower part, seemed to have been shaped from a solid piece of material.

When Freddy was finally able to look away from the strange, new alien ship, he looked up the length of the hull of the Victory Sunrise. The neck of the ship – a small portion of hull narrower then the rest of the ship and stretching only a few meters – looked disjointed, and from out of the windows that ran every few meters up the length of the hull, was an ominous flickering. That thought was cut short, however, as a blinding flash of light lit up the blackness of space, emanating from the alien ship.

It was firing at the Victory Sunrise, Freddy realized. Again the hull of the ship vibrated, causing Freddy to hold on tight. 

As he watched the valley of fire emanating from the other ship and cross the void until it struck the hull of the Victory Sunrise, Freddy all at once realized why the neck of the Sunrise looked skewed and what the strange flashes from inside were. She’s on fire, Freddy thought to himself. Any minute now she is going to blow. This is no war ship but a simple scout ship built with almost no hull armor. I’m going to die, he thought as his sight shifted back to the alien ship.

The ship had stopped firing, but Freddy knew that the other vessel meant to destroy the Victory Sunrise. She was crippled and had already sustained more damage then even Freddy thought she could endure. The other ship was just waiting, enjoying the thrill of the kill.

Freddy looked back down the length of the Victory Sunrise, saw, once again, the flashes, more brilliant now, flashing threw the windows. He then looked back at the alien ship which seemed to have moved in a little closer, only a couple hundred meters off the port side now, moving in to give the death blow to the Sunrise.

Either way, your dead, was the last thought that Freddy had before he crouched down on the hull and lunged forward with all his might, sending himself hurtling towards the alien ship, which now seemed to fill the space out his suite visor.