As Freddy approached the ship he became increasingly concerned about what he was going to do when he got there. There were no hand-holds on the surface, in fact, there appeared to be no place on the outer hull were he could have gotten a hold. As the alien ship grew larger in front of him he could see seems in the hull, but only very slight indentations, nothing that would aid him once he reached the ship and stop him from simply bouncing off the surface and floating back out into space.

Meanwhile, the alien ship had not resumed it’s attack on the Victory Sunrise, but as Freddy had gotten further and further away he saw why. The Victory Sunrise was indeed on fire, slowly burning and consuming itself from the inside, despite having very little damage on the outer hull.

As he was looking behind him in the direction of his ship, Freddy was unaware that as he approached the alien ship he was slowly being turned around so his feet pointed in the direction of the hull. As he got closer his momentum slowed until it almost stopped completely just before reaching the surface, where he was able to finally make contact and walk on the outer hull.

Amazed Freddy just stood there a few moments, wondering how such technology was even possible without some kind of immense gravitational field.

“Freddy, I’m heading for the escape pods. Where are you?” Adam’s voice came thundering through his headset. “Whoever it is out there, they don’t like us much at all.”

Freddy looked over towards the Victory Sunrise, a hatch had opened on the far side of the ship.  “Adam, are you near the engine room?”

“Yeah,” Adam answered back, sounding as if he was out of breath. “Good to hear you still alive.”

Good to hear your still alive, too, Freddy thought, remember how he hated him when he thought this all a joke. “Good, do something for me before you leave.”

“OK, but it’ll have to be quick, the ships on fire, and I’m surprised there is still cabin pressure and for once it isn’t my fault.”


“It’s done,” Adam said into his headset as he climbed into the escape pod and buckled himself in. “Auto pilot is on and cooling tanks are shut off.”

“Good, good.” Freddy replied as he floated through space, having kicked himself back off the surface of the alien ship. “I’m on the way, just lock onto my beacon locator and pick me up when you reach a safe distance from the Victory.”

“Roger that.”

The escape pod drifted away from the open hatch, slowly at first, until it drifted completely clear and it’s small enclosure, then it rotated a hundred and eighty degrees and accelerated in the opposite direction of the Victory Sunrise and the alien ship.

Behind the escape pod, the engines of the Victory Sunrise came to life, causing the escape pod to be lit up like a fiery spark that was shooting up from a roaring fire.

“I have visual contact, Adam”

The engines continued to fire and the ship eventual made a gradual turn, turning directly into the path of the alien ship

“Sure this is going to work, Fred?” Adam asked as he steered the pod towards the blip on his screen.

“Hope so. Unless that thing can speed away at a moments notice and avoid the collision. I would say that we have a good shot of at least distracting them for a while. Long enough to make it to that planet and hide out for a bit.” He looked at the planet in the distance. For what he could see at this great distance it was yellow with white clouds and not very appealing.

“I’m hoping that ships gravity field pulls in the Victory like a magnet.” Freddy continued. “That is if the Victory can get close enough.”

“And why did I shut off the cooling tanks?” Adam said as the pod finally reached Freddy’s position.

“Just an insurance policy. I’m hoping the engines overheat and there is some kind of explosion on impact.”

“I’m sure there will be an explosion on impact, Fred.”

Freddy nodded his head in agreement inside his suite, as he climbed in the escape pod and shut the door behind him.