thing2The Thing From Another World is very different then the 1980 remake staring Kurt Russel. Instead of a monster from another world that mimicked various life forms and tried to replicate by taking over the bodies of everything and anything that it could get it hands on, this creature was born in the soil of the earth and grew like any other vegetable that you would find in millions of gardens across the world. Only, it didn’t survive and thrive through the usual means of sunlight and water, but more through a constant diet of blood. Nor can it be killed via being exposed to the extreme cold temperatures of the Antarctic, where this story takes place, but only through extreme heat.

The movie is what you would expect for a film made in 1951 – simple and action packed, and where one would expect imagination and special effects, here we find, well, the same old creatures that existed in every other movie of the time – a Frankenstein look alike. But that’s OK, there was a story, there was a struggle to understand the unknown and to destroy what we can’t, or maybe won’t, understand. Sure it’s another alien invasion movies, God knows there have been plenty of those these days, but you have to remember that this was one of the first and written by one of the masters of science fiction – John W. Cambell. If you ever come across this one in your local movie store, pick-up and give it a try, there is nothing better then the classics.

Until then, take the advice given in the last line of the movie and “keep watching the skies,” cause we just don’t know what is out there, or, more importantly, what may already be here?