wizardStephen King is … awesome. There is no arguing with that and if you don’t think so – like some do, I’ve heard them say so – then all I can say to you is hundreds of millions of books sold and still counting. Enough said. That still doesn’t mean that everything he has done has been plated in gold, Wizard and Glass is such an example.

For those of you who have read The Dark Tower series you know that the series is hugely popular, it is one of Stephen King’s babies, a collection of work that he himself said  is his Lord of the Rings. But I must say that after reading Wizard and Glass I am a little disappointed. Sure the story is all background, but most of it seemed like it should have been a background story that could have been told in a couple hundred pages, not six hundred. More then that, the story dragged on and on, with nothing to keep me reading, which is why it took me so long to finish. If you have read the first three books in the series – including The Drawing of the Three and The Wastelands, which are in my opinion some of his best works – be prepared for a disappointment.

The only thing in Wizard and Glass that kept me reading are the connections made to The Stand and the hope that there would be more background given to connect the the two stories – there is. But it was to little to late, and by the time those connections came I was ready to be done with Wizard and Glass.

Rating (Out of 5):