sahara-requests-200904-ss“Oceanblue,” the androids voice crackled as he shouted over the passing crowd from atop the stone wall. “Oceanblue, you all know, he is the first, not the last, but the first.  When power stops flowing through your wire meshed brains and your limbs cease doing the bidding of your lower programing functions, then you will begin to understand.”

Nathan had only been passing by, walking along the opposite wall trying to stay out of sight, when he heard the shouts from the android. He was old, Nathan thought, possible older then any model he had ever seen. As the crowd passed, hurrying off to wherever androids went during the day, Nathan ran over to where the android was now trying with great difficulty to climb down off the wall.

“Who is Oceanblue?” He asked as the old android jumped down onto the ground braising his impact with his hands and knees. Nathan could hear his joints grinding away as they tried to straighten himself from a crouched position.

“A boy.” The android said mostly to himself, his ancient eyes finding it difficult to focus on the tiny figure before him. “Why would a boy want to know about matters that only concern androids?”

“I just do,” he answered back, matter of factly.

“These are things that no human can understand, most of those toasters out here today don’t even understand it – I don’t even understand it completely.”

“Try me.” Nathan answered back as the android stood straight-up, picked up his few belongings and started to walk the opposite direction of the others.

Stopping, he looked at the boy. Then with an annoyed mechanical sigh he said: “Oceanblue was said to be the first living thing on this world and from him all things came into being, me, these building, the factories, even vermin like you, I suppose.

“And where is he now, is he, you know, up there,” Nathan asked pointing towards the sky.

“Hmm. No, he is not up there.” The android answered back, mimicking his gesture. “Some say he is out west, beyond the ruins, and some say he is east where the ice now is, buried.”

“What do you think?” Nathan asked, moving back into the shadows as a small crowd walked past.

“I don’t know, west I suppose, history tells us that the cradle of our existence lies in the west.” With a quick motion that frighten Nathan, the android dusted off his leather hat by smacking it against his right thigh and resumed walking. “What do you care, boy, philosophical matters are beyond human understanding?”

“Maybe so,” he replied and ran off into the shadows.