dome33Everything out beyond the walls was barren. To the east was a smooth expanse of earth stretching away towards the horizon. To the west, north and south was gently rolling hills covered in a crumbling floor of trees, now almost completely decayed or blown away from decades of harsh winds and a sun that had been beating down on the age old timbers until they were nothing more then small fragments of wood and then finally specks of dust and ash.

There had been great fires ages ago, back in a time before most can even remember, even the eldest of the androids have little or no memory of this. For them, even back then, the trees and the forest that used to encircle Id-liphia on three side were nothing more then a distant memory the discriptions passed down in tales and pictures long ago faded and disintregrated into nothing or there images forgetton in the endless bits of data now mouting in the worlds countless data-stores whose number now messure greater then the counting ability of even the fastest androids.

They do know that this is why the walls of Id-liphia were built – to keep back the fire – and in part also why the magnetic dome was put in place – to keep out the smoke. Inside those walls a prospering community now lives, rarely venturing outside those walls and never going out of sight of the city itself.

Few others then the humans venture out beyond the city walls, and once they are out they are almost never let back in, although most could find their way back in through the few holes and burrows that had been dug either under the wall or in a few cases, threw. But this would mean walking several dozen miles of wall searching for an opening, and depending on which gate they left the city from, maybe several hundred miles.

The androids, however, are free to come and go as they please, but they usually never leave the safe confines of the great city that they had built unless it was to maintain the integrity of the wall.

Once inside the city an endless maze of streets and buildings awaits. The wall is high but the buildings are higher, reaching up into the sky until their tops become almost faded and obscured by the dense atmosphere within the city limits. Some of the buildings are bent and twisted as they reached up into the sky, only to reconnect with the earth miles away. Other building simply reach up and up growing narrower and narrower until culminating at a single apex high above the heads of the androids walking down below in the city streets. Some only rise a few hundred stories up, but very few. Immense size seemed to be the most common theme in Id-liphia.