krullWhen I was young I wanted a Glaive, the special weapon in Krull that helps Prince Colwyn defeat the creature that has come from another world to rule over his world, Krull, and whom also abducted his bride on his wedding night to disrupt the union of not only Colwyn and Lyssa, but also the union of the their kingdoms. Krull is a classic in every sense of the word. Not only is it a love story, it is the story of an unlikely band of a Prince, criminals, magicians, mythical creatures (a Cyclops), all on a quest to rescue a beautiful women but also to save their planet, Krull, from being taken over by a mysterious army that has traveled to their home world in a large mountain like space ship called The Black Fortress, which is commanded by a creature known only as The Beast.

This is all easier said then done, however, for The Black Fortress moves everyday and is never in the same place twice and can be thousands of miles away from one morning to the next. This is why they will need the help of The Seer who will be able to tell them the location of the fortress on the next day. Sadly this wise old man is killed before he can reveal the location of the fortress, so the band seeks help from another source, an old women living in a spiders web, a women known as The Widow of the Web. The journey to see her will not be safe, however, and the only hope of getting the information that they need and then getting out alive is if Ynyr, the wise old man of the group, makes the journey alone, for he and The Widow of the Web used to be lovers and even had a child together, but when Ynyr left her she killed the child as revenge, for which she is damned to live out the rest of her days in the web. Ynyr gets the information that they need, but not before he himself must put up his own life as collateral in order to get out alive, or at least long enough to share this information.

I’m not going to ruin the ending, but several characters of this brave band die to save their world, but many live – many live to see the world that they call home released from the grip of evil and are witness to a new era of their home world, and era of peace.

Rating (Out of 5):