Dried blood encrusted the corners of his left eye and a large open wound on the right side of his chest marked the place where he had been stabbed to death. His shirt, once a light gray, was now covered in the front by a large dark blotch. The victim was sitting upright against a wall his head laying on his shoulder at an awkward angle looking as if he was just resting, as if he had wondered down this dark alley to rest and to take a nap.

As detective Brenner walked forward he made a mental note of the blood pattern running down the front of the dead man’s shirt, how it seemed to run down the length of his mid-section parallel to the length of  his body – he hadn’t been moved.

“What do you think?” Brenner asked the figure crouched in front of the victims body meticulously taking pictures.

“I’d say he was stabbed to death,” the man said turning briefly to look at detective Brenner before resuming his picture taking.

Indeed, he thought.

“Anyone one else been walking around here?” Brenner asked, walking over to stand behind the crouched camera man.

“Nope. Just me. I told everyone that there would be Hub to pay if they disturbed the scene.” Once again he turned to face the detective. “I told them once you gave the all-clear then it would be all clear, until then. . .”

“Good man, good man.” He patted the camera man on the back as  he stood up and walked away. “Let me know when those pictures are ready.”

As he walked away the camera men gave him a thumbs up without looking back.