spaceballs_ver1In honor of Dom Deluise who pasted away this past week, I have decided to honor his great career by watching a moving that he and his good friend Mel Brooks stared in: Spaceballs. Now, right about now you are probably thinking the same thing that I was thinking when I heard that Dom Deluise died and saw that Spaceballs appeared in the list of movies he was a part of, which was, he wasn’t in Spaceballs. Or was he? It took me a few moments to think, then a line echoed in my brain and I thought to myself, hey, that’s Dom Deluise speaking: “Puke, Barf, whatever. Where’s my money?” Yes the feared and, from what I hear, delicious, Pizza the Hut was voiced by his greatness, Dom Deluise.

Spaceballs is a story largely making fun of the science fiction culture, and is pretty much a spoof of Star Wars and about another dozen science fiction movies. Now, before you get all mad thinking how somebody could even have the balls to make fun of Star Wars, give the movie a chance, it is seriously hilarious – that’s how they have the balls, that’s how it probably got it’s name.

The story centers around Spaceballs, a military force ran by President Skroob (Mel Brooks) and Dark Helmet (Rich Moranis), who are in desperate search to replenish Spaceball City with fresh air, which they plan to get from the planet Druidia.

Meanwhile, back on planet Druidia, Princess Vespa and Prince Valium are planning on getting married, until Princess Vespa escapes (I would too, who would want to marry somebody named Valium). Desperate to get his daughter back safe, the King of DruidiaKing Roland – hires Captain Lone Star and his side-kick Bark (a half man, half dog creature) to bring them back to Druidia, safely. Unfortunately they are unable to accomplish this before Princess Vespa is captured by Dark Helmet.

The movie is really a joy to watch and if you are looking to sit down and have a relaxing evening filled with lots of laughs go out and rent it, you won’t be sorry. Oh course, this wasn’t the first time that I have watched Spaceballs, I have seen it dozens of times, if anything, that should give you an idea of how high Spaceballs is on my list of all time favorites.

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Next, I watched another Mel Brooks film Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Keeping with the theme, Dom Deluise had a small part in this movie as a hired hit man whose goal it is to kill Robin Hood (Carey Elwes).

The story starts by Robin Hood escaping from prison only to return home to England to find his Castle repoed by Prince John (Richard Lewis) who is abusing his power in King Richards (Patrick Stewart) absence. From there Robin Hood vows to regain his home by forming a small army of mostly criminals and, well, dim-wits, chief among them is Ahchoo (Dave Chappelle). But no story would be complete with out the underlying love story. Through his journey to regain his land, Robin Hood discovers the beautiful and, well, somewhat lustful, Maid Marian (Amy Yasbeck).

My absolute favorite line in the movie is when, close to the end, as the Sheriff of Rottingham has Maid Marian slung over his shoulder and is caring her up the tower to his private quarters, Dave Chappelle’s characters says: “He’s going to deflower her in the tower.” I don’t know why that line always makes me laugh, I think has do to with timing – because jokes are all about timing in show-biz.

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