Dome-soft-glow_996tThe magnetic dome glows a dull blue during sand storms. As the land and air and everything in between is blown around and moved and eventually carried hundred and maybe even thousands of miles across the earth’s surface, when those minute pieces of dust hit the magnetic dome it glows blue, and that is all that changes on the landscape.

Inside the city, things are constantly changing – new building being built, old ones being torn down and like the glow of the dome and the designs that wash over it with undulating and pulsating colors of blue, rhythmically striking the dome and then washing over its surface until it is blown off the top and then away, the city rises and falls and the skyline washes threw the city like the giant waves of sand that washes over the dome.

This wave, however, is confined to within the wall of the city and like the bits of sand that smash against the dome and are disintegrated so to are the buildings – built and torn down only to be built again.

Some of them stand straight and reach for the heavens until their tops disappear in haze and atmosphere, while others bend in gentle arches or at right angels before reconnecting with the ground once again. Always there are walk ways connecting the buildings and sky lobbies where people come and go and move around miles above the ground.

Rarely is there traffic on the ground, but high over head the streets are alive with sky cabs as they race from one end of the city to the other.