predator2It’s not Arnold this go around, struggling to save his own skin in a fight against an alien where he finds himself out gunned, out sized (WoW), out everything. This time the fight is against Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover) and the predator who has chosen him as his prey of chose. But Harrigan isn’t the only one looking for the predator. Also hot on the predators trail is an elite force of government secret agents who are also hunting this alien creature for their own nefarious purposes. They are lead by Peter Keys (Gary Busey), and hunt the creature from one end of the city to the other before they learn his patterns and where-a-abouts.

The back drop of the story is set in the present Los Angeles, only Los Angeles isn’t controlled by the police so much as it is by the drug cartels. And what at first seems to be a new player in the local drug wars turns out to be the predator on the hunt.

This is not your typical sequel, there are no big weapons, or more explosions then it’s predecessor – how could there be more then the first Schwarzenegger film – just a good cop with a bad attitude who finds himself fighting a war with local implications to one with intergalactic implications, and who becomes enraged and vows revenge when he finds out that the predator has killed his long time friend and partner on the force.

Rating (Out of 5):