cross_bonesThey are programmed to kill. Even now, half assembled slung from the ceiling with most missing arms or legs or both, they reach out desperately trying to make their first kill. The ones with missing arms and legs track you as you walk by, their glowing eyes fixed on you and you alone, running scenario after scenario about how to disembowel you, incapacitate you, kill you.

Most here have never seen a human being before, and certainly most have never seen a human walking the halls that I walked. I found my way here only by mistake and yet it was exactly what I was looking for. Now I fear that I won’t make it out, which is why I am writing these words down before they find me in the hope that it might find its way back to the outside world and hopefully into the hands of one of the resistance.

Upon entering this hidden underground world who’s door is hidden behind a mountain of collected metal and various other forms of debris, high in the mountains as you follow the great road west, I noticed something disturbing – these forms that line the entrance way are getting more and more complete as I ventured further into it’s darkened depth. This is there production line. The machines that bomb our cities and abduct our citizens for their own mysterious purposes, are made right here, using the two giant hole in the side of this mountain as a springing off point for their destructive attacks.

It was then I hear, rather then see, something far more frightening as I gaze into the eyes of one of these machines, it’s eyes not yet glowing, it’s single arm not yet reaching out to strangle me. What I hear is metal clanking, distant at first and then growing louder. It sounded oddly familar . . . and that’s when it hit me, it sounded like footsteps.

My blood seemed to freeze solid in my veins and my heart thundered in my ears as I struggled to think of what to do, where to escape too? Soon my military training kicked in and I snap out of it. I quickly look around, but it’s dark and I cannot see, the only light coming from the door, far down a hallway that jutted out from the main corridor, which I had left half-way open.

As I continue to look, one of the machines comes to life – the one I had been inspecting just moments before. Even though it is still attached to the wires suspended from the ceiling, it still reached out for me with one arm, the other one completely missing, while it’s nubs for legs that were missing from the knee down, come to life as well.

I stumbled back, frightened that I had been detected, that they somehow knew that I was here. And yet, as I fall back and fall down, causing a loud clank on the metal girder floor, it does not track me, it does not turn it’s head. It is then that I also see that besides it missing two legs and an arm, neither of it’s eyes glow, it cannot see. It knows someone was there but what or who it has no way of knowing.

Then all of the sudden it’s left, incomplete arm rises and stays risen, almost like the Nazi salute. Behind me the clanking gets louder, and although I see nobody approaching I know whatever it is walking my way is just moments from reaching were I laid on the floor.

It is then that my hands discovers that the metal surface I was walking on was elevated off the ground, leaving a gap on both sides just wide enough for me to slide underneath. Without hesitating, I slide beneath the walk way and waited for the unseen figure to pass by.

No sooner that I slide underneath do I see through the holes in the walkway, two glowing eyes appear down the hallway. Again I freeze, trying not to breath or make any movements of any kind that will give my position away.

Within a few moments the machine walks right over me to were the other machines in various forms of dismemberment stand or hang from the ceiling. It then walks over to the other machine that seemed to come to life. The first holds out a replacement arm and proceeds to attach it to the machine that still has it’s arm extended out in a solute.

It didn’t take me long to realize the significance of what I had just seen. Although we had been fighting a war for years and years and these seemingly indestructible¬†hulks of metal, a war we felt we were losing, apparently we were doing better then we thought. It would appear that we have disrupted their production lines to the point were they are no longer able to mass produce war machines. In fact, it would appear that they are struggling to repair the soldiers that have fallen into dis-repair.

If this facility can be destroyed, we might be able to take back the great city and everything east of the great mountains.

If I die trying to escape, whoever comes across this notebook must deliver it to the Resistance headquarters in the great city. I cannot tell you were it is located for fear that this notebook may fall into the wrong hands, I can only hope you will be able to find it on your own, for the destruction of this place could swing the tides of war convincingly into our favor.