angelsanddemonsI finally finished Angels & Demons. Don’t think that just because it took a while for me too read it  means that it was in anyway not worth reading, I have just had other things on my plate lately that I have to deal with.

Overall I would give the book two thumbs up, it kept me reading, entertained and had plenty of twist and turns that kept me coming back for more. The only down side that I can give to the book is that some place were predictable, but then Dan Brown would surprise me and throw something at me that I completely did not expect.

In case you haven’t seen the movie or read the book, here is a quick one-over of the plot. Robert Langdon – symbolist and religious art teacher at Harvard – is whisked away in the middle of the night to CERN, a lab in Sweden, which is home to the worlds largest particle accelerator and playground for some of the smartest minds in the world. The reason for his abrupt departure in the middle of the night is because of the apparent re-emergence of a secret ancient cult, the Illuminati.

Once at the lab Langdon is shown the body of one of the scientists there who has the word Illuminati seared onto his chest. Moreover, his secret research into antimatter – a form of matter that will annihilate other matter when they come into contact – has been compromised, and a small amount of this antimatter, which has been carefully contained, has been stolen. We learn later that the church is being done away with, by planting the antimatter in the Vatican, for centuries of hostilities towards anyone who dared challenge them or challenge the existence of God.

Now it is up to Robert Langdon and Vittoria Vetra, daughter of the murdered CERN scientist, to stop the destruction of the church, the murdering of more innocent clergymen and her fathers research by following the path of the Illuminati, laid out in churches across Rome centuries before. In the process we are taken deep underground to secret vaults beneath Vatican City, crypts filled with numerous tombs, and many of Romes most beautiful churches all in search of a cult that was thought to have been dead for well over a hundred years, which has only resurfaced now to wipe the Catholic church from the face of the earth.

Rating (Out of 5):