As he walked out the front door Boots picked up a large knife that was laying on a small metal table. He had not remembered putting it there and he told himself that he wouldn’t need it, but he took it just in case. But you will need it, came that voice again, and you will use it.

He had waited ten days for the day of rest, the one night where he wondered the street going where he did not know and looking for whom he couldn’t say. But on the night of rest the streets where always empty and he would be free to do as he wanted and to go where he pleased without being seen or noticed.

As he grabbed the knife he grabbed an old cloth to wrap it in and tucked it inside his jacket and then shut and locked the door behind him. Maybe you should go down to the lower levels, the voice chimed in as he walked down the stairs and out the front door of his apartment building, the humans live down there nobody will miss one of them if they disappeared. The older models live down there as well, they would go un-missed too.

As he walked aimlessly down the streets, turning a corner every block or so until his vision latched onto an android that seemed to be walking slower then the rest with an unusual lurching in his step as if one of his knee joints only partially worked.

When the android turned down onto an alley street, Boots was careful to follow, making sure that he wasn’t being followed or watched – the city had almost no crime rate, except for those crimes committed by humans, but still a suspicious android would be noticed and remembered if anything questionable happened and that android could be a witness.

When Boots was satisfied that no one was following he looked down the alley at the android in question. He had stopped half way down the alley and was now leaning against a dumpster lurched forward as if he where going to be sick. Right as Boots pulled out his knife, unwrapped it and approached the android from behind, he turned and noticed Boots approaching. Without any conscience thought or go ahead from his programming that was meant to deal with issues of murder and inflicting pain unto another android, Boots plunged the knife deep into the androids chest and watched as he staggered back, clutching the knife that was now buried up to the handle and starring down at the wound that was now a river of blood. When he fell back against the wall and then to the ground, Boots crouched before him and watched as the man starred back at him, his breathing long and labored and then Boots smiled as his chest stopped moving and the light slowly faded from his eyes and the spring of blood stopped bubbling from his chest.