Maybe it just me and my current situation and turn that my life has taken lately that I am constantly thinking about Randell Patrick McMurphy and his new found friends in a mental institution is Oregon.

He is certainly a lively character and somebody who wants to live life to it’s fullest. He is somebody who makes friends easily, regardless of personality, race, or flaws. In many ways he reminds me of myself, although I was never been in a mental hospital, or in jail for that matter, but I do try my hardest to look at people and judge them for what and who they are and not what background they come from, or what their cultural background may be.

But McMurphy finds himself trapped. With only a few months remaining on his jail time, he figures that spending it at a mental Hospital will be by far cry better then with convicted felons and murders. But what he doesn’t realize is that the state has the power to keep anybody for an undisclosed length of time if they feel an individual may be harmful to himself or others. And since McMurphy has done very little to get on the good side of nurse Rachett, well, he might be staying at the hospital for longer then he would like.

As this uncertain future unfolds before McMurphy he is shocked to discover that many of his fellow patients and friends are there voluntarily.

A great movie is great because it speaks to you and allows you relate the story it is trying to tell to your current circumstances and surroundings and as I have been writing this I have realized that this is what this film does. The characters could be anybody, I certainly related to McMurphy and even to a small extent Billy Bibbit.

Everyday we learn something knew about ourselves, something that more often then not was always there starring us right in the face. Sometimes we need help seeing these nuances, more often then not that help comes from movies and music.

Watch One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest and see what new things you learn about yourself.

Rating (Out of 5):