“Same guy?” A voice asked from over detective Brenner’s right shoulder.

“It would look that way,” he replied, turning slightly to see who was behind him. With relief he saw it was detective Hoyle and not one of the other detectives who looked upon Brenner with hungry eyes after he was picked as the lead detective on the first murder case that Id-liphia has seen in many years.

“Another copy cat?” Hoyle asked, already knowing that answer.

Brenner nodded. “Single stab wound to the chest – “

“And the one last week was a slit throat, committed in the own victims apartment.” Hoyle stated cutting off Brenner. “So the next one will either be a hanging or -“

“It will be a jumper.”  Brenner said, standing up from his crouched position, putting his notebook that he was using to take notes back into his pocket. “It will be a jumper. Whoever is doing this is not only following the M.O. of the previous killer he is also following in what order the crimes where committed. The original murders always happened on the days of rest,  and so far so have these two.”

Detective Hoyle looked down at the watch embedded in his right wrist to note the date.

“The original murderer killed the vic in his apartment first and ten days later the vic in the alley just like. . .” he motioned to the android lying dead up against the wall.

“Is this the same alley then? Because if it is then we know from which overpass the next victim will be thrown from.” Hoyle said without waiting for a reply.

“If it were only that simple, but it won’t be the same bridge, just like the last vic was found in a different apartment.”

“Any leads, Jake?”

Brenner felt a bit of a cringe when Hoyle used his first name. The only time a detective used another detectives first name was when he was trying to say we need you to solve this one and solve it quick. But he didn’t have any leads. In a city filled with over 80 million people to have even a narrowed down list would still leave millions as suspects, or at best a few hundred thousand.

“I haven’t the first clue who could be responsible, John. This town hasn’t seen a murder in years, we just don’t get enough practice at trying to ketch any killers. But if you are saying something like I better do something and do it quick, well, all I can say is that I’m doing my best.  I’m the only one who has experience on a murder case around here, and let me tell you it is no walk in the park.”

Hoyle started to say something as Brenner brushed past him.

“Where you going to say something detective?” Brenner asked.

“Nobody is pressuring you. We all are pressured from someone or another. I am pressured from the captain and he is pressured by the Mayor.” Taking Brenner by the arm detective Hoyle led him over a secluded door way where they could have more privacy. “People are getting jumpy, since when has an android killed another android?”

“Brenner had no answer.

“Now, are you sure this isn’t the work of some humans scavenging for food?”

Brenner nodded his head.

“How are you so sure?”

“Because I am,” Brenner answered back, locking eyes with the other detective.

“That’s not good enough, Jake, and you know it.”

“Humans are stupid. That’s how I know.” Brenner shouted out as detective Hoyle began to walk away. “They don’t kill methodically like this. The scavenge for food and kill if they have too, but mostly only each other. These killings have purpose, forethought, and planning. None of those things even suggest the work of a human.”

“I hope you right, Jake, I hope your right.”

“I do too. If it is a human we have a bigger problem, because down there,” Brenner pointed to the sewer grate across the street, “there are twice as many of them. We’ll never know who it was was.”