In honor of this blog’s 100th post, I have decided to do something unusual, something other then a quote or a book review – I finished Cemetary Dance by the was, it was awsome – and since I seem to be in a little bit of a writers block with no new ideas coming forth, I thought why not write about something that holds tons of interest for me and which goes hand-in-hand with the world of science fiction – astronomy.

If you haven’t been keeping up, this past month has seen lots of interesting developments in the field of astronomy, here are just two of them.

The first was a mystery dark spot that showed up on the face of Jupiter and was discovered by anjupiter_impact_web amateur Australian astronomer on the 19th of July. Scientists quick to confirm the discovery and see the dark spot for themselves re-oriented the Hubble Space Telescope towards the mammoth planet in order to get a better view. What it saw was a spot eerily similar to the spot caused by the Shoemaker-Levy 9 cometary impact 15 years ago.

cassini_fring_punch_zoomThen there is a discovery by the Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn who took the rare opportunity to take pictures of the Saturian rings while Saturn has it’s equinox (this is where the equator of Saturn is perpendicular to the incoming rays of the Sun, so the Sun is always over the equator and shinning down onto the rings). What was spotted is still unknown but incredibly beautiful and will surely spark the interest of amateur astronomers and average Joe’s alike. One thing that can be said is that images like this are what gives birth to good Science Fiction ideas. Take a look for yourself and decide.