galaxyThe spiral arm of Sagittarius seemed to swoop down from the sky towards the surface of Amidius, missing it’s surface by mere inches. Alem, sitting on a decaying, limestone pillar that used to be the entrance way to one of the many buildings of the great city of Redelus, could have sworn that as he stood there the entire galaxy of Proxias was spinning right there before his eyes, tempting him to reach out with his arms, to take hold of one of the great arms and spin it like a giant wheel.

But he knew that was impossible, he knew that, despite the belief by many in his village that Proxias was just beyond the glass sphere that held the planets and the other stars in the sky – perhaps in it’s very own glass sphere held up in the sky by servants of God that stand around all night and even all day, holding up these giant sphere for all the people below to see and be in ah of the almighty God and his power over the heavens – he knew that Proxias was far, far away, so far that you might not even be able to get their if you walked night and day for an entire cycle in the direction of it’s perch in the sky.

But still he dreamed.

Looking back down at the crumbling valley below where his camp was, snuggled in-between more fallen pillars of limestone and walls once made of polished marble, now scuffed and pitted with many centuries of being exposed to harsh rain and wind, he saw a light. At first it harmlessly drifted in and out of the natural causeways created by the derelict city and it’s crumbling structures, but then it stopped. He couldn’t be sure of where his camp was exactly in the valley now a thousand feet below him, but he feared that the owner of that light may have stopped, discovering the place where he tied off his mule and the rest of his belongings.

Without hesitation he jumped off the pillar he stood on and made his way back towards his camp, looking as he went for anything that he could use for a weapon.