different_seasonsAlways more tales.

Indeed there have been. And, one day soon, perhaps I’ll tell you another.


This is how Stephen King ends The Breathing Method, the fourth short story in Different Seasons.

I can never say it enough times, or with enough passion to make my point, but Stephen King is truely gifted, gifted not only with words but with an amazing imagination and ability to spin a tale. The Breathing Method reminded me of sitting around a campfire and telling stories in Boys Scouts when I was a kid.

The Breathing Method is a horror story in it’s classic sense – people fathered around a roaring fire, intently listen to the story being told – but is the language which sets this story apart from other work of King that I have read. The narrator of this story – a doctor – describes his encounter with a pregnant patient of his who shows up at his office one day for a check-up. It turns out that she is young and unmarried, a rather unsightly predicament for a young women in the mid 1930’s. Regardless, the doctor agrees to see her and delivery her, teaching her, as the story goes along, a special breathing technique which she will hope to use to better aid her in delivery her child – the breathing method.

The story ends on very much of a gruesome note, but a story noboby – true Stephen King fan or not – should miss, for it is truly a well crafted story.

It is the tale, not he who tells it. -Stephen King, from The Breathing Method.

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