skull_prev (1)He was dreaming, and he knew that he was dreaming because all around him was lava, and yet, it didn’t burn him or in any other way feel uncomfortable. In the distance he could see a hill, scorched black as the lava crawled at its own slow pace around it’s base. In the distance another hill, only higher – a mountain – almost completely obscured from sight because it was so far away. But it rose much higher and even at its great distance its peak was quite a bit taller than the peak of the hill just a few hundred yards away.

Hello, he wanted to say but didn’t, he only thought it.

He looked down all of the sudden frightened that he was walking in the lava or somehow just hovering above it. When he looked down at his bare feet he was horrified to see that he walked along the tops of human skulls that seemed to rise up out of the glowing orange surface beneath his feet as he moved along.

Hello, he thought once again, hearing his own voice echo inside his head. But there was no answer. Taking one last look around to see if there was anybody behind him, Jerry walked at a faster pace towards the charred hill top.