petsemataryThere is something to say about the way Stephen King writes. It is more then just descriptive it’s. . . three dimensional. Through out this entire book I had a sense that I was right there, walking that dirty path that led to the Pet Sematatry and keenly aware of the strange monsters that lurked over head or stirred in the dense under brush of the Maine forest just outside of Ludlow. I have read many Stephen King novel and have been told the entire way that Pet Semtaray should be my next read, that is was one of the best stories in the King library, and that I have finished I must say to all the people who told me so that you were right, this was easily one of the best, certaintly up there in the same category and superior writing as The Stand and The Langaliers. So, for those of you out there that read Stephen King but have yet to read Pet Sematary let me be the first to tell you that it should be next on your list.

Rating (Out of 5):