“Have you ever heard of Oceanblue?” Nathan asked his father as they sat down for their evening meal which consisted of rat or dog meat or scrapps that were collected from around the city, tonight it would be scrapps, along with which ever vegetable they were able grow in the small patch of earth that was their garden, tonight it would was potato’s, Nathans favorite.

His father just shook his head as he squatted next to their fire and shoveled what was left of his potato into his mouth.

“Me neither. I heard it from an old android this morning who was spouting off about something on the streets.”

“Androids are strange folks, not all their in the head, the older ones more so.” He answered back after licking the remains of what was left of his dinner from his rusted metal plate. “They live a long, long time and have gadgets that could do wonderious things, but all that knowledge has gone to their head. They ain’t right.” He finished, looking into Nathan’s eyes as he got up to clean of his plate.

“He said that all things were created by Oceanblue. Could it be that The Forgotten Gods and Oceanblue are one in the same person, or people?” Nathan asked as he watched his father walk over to were droplets of water dripped from an old pipe jutting out of the wall.

“Nah. Son, I don’t know where we came from but whoever made us and who ever made them are two different persons. The mold that they were made from needed more time to take shape.” Letting the droplets of water fall onto the plate, Nathan’s father collected enough water were his plate was half full and then washed it with his fingers and threw the water away. “Someday we will inherit this city just like they inherited it from us.”

“What?” Nathan asked, getting up to walk over to where his father now was, placing his dish on a pile of similar metal plates. “What do you mean ‘like they inherited it from us?'”

Nathans father took him by the shoulder and led him out through a small opening in the wall where there small garden was. He always did this when he wanted to talk to Nathan alone, away from the other members of their group. “What little of our history we know says that this city along with many other cities like it once existed and now this is the only city that has survived.”

For a moment Nathan just sat there as if waiting for more, then he said: “and what happened to the other cities?”

“Nobody knows.” Nathan’s father said with a simple shrugging of the shoulders. “Look out there son, what do you see?”

Nathan turned his head to look at the fading horizon and the setting sun. He looked to the north and then to the south, nothing. Nothing but sand, blowing dust and rolling hills. “Nothing,” he answered back after a few moments of thinking. “There is nothing there.”

Again Nathan’s father shrugged his shoulders. “Maybe so. But some believe that there is a lot there, we have just forgotten what it is.”