His real name was Adrian, but he liked to call himself “Boots.” Like he did every fifth day, Boots was out roaming the streets. For what, he couldn’t say, probably because he himself didn’t know. The voice inside his head said that he was malfunctioning that he needed maintenance immediately, but he didn’t think so. All self scans and diagnostics came back negative. If anything he felt alive, more alive then he had ever felt.

But today was different. Yes he felt alive, just like all the other days but he also felt something else, something different, something new… Like all the other new emotions that seemed to be flowing through his fabricated parts, it was something that he couldn’t explain, it just was. He had tried many times to describe it – even if it was only to himself – what he was feeling, but the more he tried the harder he found it to accomplish. It was like trying to explain why two androids fell in love, it just couldn’t be done. It was something that was a rare occurrence but it still happened every now and again, but when it did there was no rhyme or reason as to why or how, it just happened and he, like all other androids, were powerless to do anything about it.

But this wasn’t love, that much Boots did know. It was something far from love, something sinister, something that people it love would cringe at, it was a feeling that if acted upon the result would be that worlds would shatter and the very site of his acts would send women screaming, terrified for their very lives.

The thought made him smile, made him feel powerful.

There was a word for it – hate – but no known androids were known to posses the emotion, it was something that was breaded out of them ages ago. It was considered something alien, something of myth and lore, something of legend.

And yet Boots had no other way to describe what he was feeling. It is hate, he thought to himself, and at the moment that he was able to admit it, that what he was feeling was hate, the idea did not scare him, did not make him cringe in terror of what he was becoming, he just smiled.

But hate towards what? Boots knew little about what hates was, he knew only of the basic definition – to dislike intensely or passionately. Again he thought to himself, but the dislike off what? Of that android walking over there? Of the streets and sidewalks? Of the clouds? And as his eyes shifted from first the android walking across the street to the building and slums that were the homes of the older models, and yes, even up towards the clouds, Boots thought to himself that yes, all of them, each and every android and thing is what he disliked, is what he hated. The man across the street he wanted to see lying motionless in the street, the buildings he wanted to see crumbling down towards the ground, even the clouds. . .

With a tightening of his fists and a sneer crossing his face, Boots quickly walked back towards his single room apartment before he did something that he would later regret.