petsemThey say that the book is always better than the film. Truer words have never, ever been spoken, especially in the case of Pet Sematary. Yes, it was that bad. Not so bad that I didn’t make it the entire way through, but bad enough were afterwards I became very depressed because I had spent two hours on a Sunday evening wasting my time watching it when from the very beginning I distinctly remember thinking “man, this sucks.” Even throw in a guest appearance by Stephen King himself and you still have to admit that the movie was not only a complete waste of time, but a waste of resources – the plastic CD the movie was saved on, the power used to play the movie on my DVD player, television and lights; just everything was a waste.

To be fair, some of my chagrin towards the movie may be the fact that the book was so good, I mean one of the best books that I have read in a long time. Also, I hate to say this, but I have always been a firm believer that Stephen King stories simply don’t translate well onto the big screen. Maybe it is because of the vivid detail in which he tells his stories, or maybe it’s because the intricate plot points that can only be tied together in the written word on paper?

Whatever the reasons, for me, why Pet Semataray just didn’t do it for me is because the whole story seemed to be rushed – not to mention the acting could have been better. Oh, and some of the storylines were simply smudged over in the movie. For those of you who read the book, in the scene where Louis is tacking the body of his dead son, Gage, up to the Micmac burial ground, Louis is confronted by a large creature whose form is obscured in the thick haze of the Maine forest, all we are told that he can see is two bright, yellow eyes starring down at him as the creature lumbers by. What of that scene are we given in the movie? Nothing but a tree falling down, and if you haven’t read the book you were probably left wondering why a tree fell down for no apparent reason, well, that was why.

In short, if you find this movie on the used movie rack at your local video store for two bucks it might be worth it to buy it, take it home and watch it, but if they want anymore then that I would pass. I paid $10 for mine, and like so many other things with this movie that is ten dollars I will never see again.

Rating (Out of 5):