PoltergiestYou daughter has been kidnapped by a dangerous entity and brought over to the spirit world and is being held captive. Later you learn that she is being held being she is the only one that can help a group of wondering souls pass onto the other side, a transition that this evil spirit wants to prevent which is why your daughter was taken. Even worse, you have discovered that the house that you live in – the house that your company bought for you and built – is built onto of an old cemetery whose occupants were never removes, only the head stones were removed. Sound familiar? It should, this is the plot to the 1982 movie Poltergeist, a Steven Spielberg produced film directed by Tobe Hooper who also directed The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Of course I have seen this movie before, but it has been a while, and when I saw that there was only one copy left at the store during their Halloween sale, I quickly grabbed the last one, remembering nothing but good memories from the first time that I saw the movie as a young teenager. This is a great movie to watch on Halloween night.

Rating (Out of 5):