creepshow2Remember that movie that you watched as a kid, the one you stayed up late to see and the one that, under normal circumstances, your parents probably wouldn’t have allowed you to see? For me, one such movie was Creepshow 2. Although I didn’t now the name of the movie at the time I remember the plot of one of the tales. It was the story of four teenage kids sneaking off to a remote pond one weekend to take one last dip before the weather turns too cold. And being late in the season, there will be nobody else there, which means that they will have the pond all to themselves; no prying eyes but also nobody to hear them scream when they cry for help.

As the four of them pull off the dirt road leading to the pond, stopping at the edge of the sandy beach, they quickly jump out, strip down to their bathing suites and jump in, swimming toward the pontoon anchored at the center of the pond. Then, just as the last of the four reach the pontoon, a strange form in the water approaches. To the unsuspecting swimmers it look like an oil slick, but they quickly learn otherwise as one of the four reaches down to touch the surface with her finger, where she is surprise to discover that this is no oil slick. Whatever it is in the pond reaches out and grabs her by the arm, stripping away flesh as she tries to free herself. The more she tries to struggle, the tighter the grip of this. . . this thing takes hold, until she is pulled into the water and under the surface, presumably to be digested by the water-born monster.

So goes one of the tales of Creepshow 2.

Looking back, the story wasn’t as scary as I thought, and the other stories that I either missed or don’t remember are downright silly, like the story of ‘ol Indian Woodhead, the tale of a wooden Indian who stands guard out front of a general store whose owners, a kind and gentle couple, are murdered by a ruthless group of thugs that are looking to skip town on their way to Hollywood.

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