from-hell-poster-0Yes, it is the weekend, time to relax, read, and sit down to watch a few movies that have been sitting on the book shelf collecting dust. This week, in continuance of Halloween, I have set aside the time to watch From Hell starring Johnny Depp and Heather Graham. To make a long review short, just let me say: excellent! In its own way From Hell is Pretty Women meets Silence of the Lambs although the ending gave me quite a bit of a surprise, even for me, someone who is generally rather good at seeing how a movie will end – surprise or not.

From Hell describes the cover-up and eventual murder of five women who were witnesses at a close friends wedding. Not such a dangerous endeavor unless the groom turns out to be the heir to the throne of England and the son they bore together the to-be-heir. Throw into the mix that all five women and the bride were at one time or another prostitutes, and you have a scandal just waiting to explode.

There are few details that I can give and not ruin the ending of the movie for those who have yet to see it, but just let me say this: yes, there are times when the movie moves at a rather slow pace, but give it a chance and stick through until the end, you will be glad that you did, I guarantee.

Rating (Out of 5):