leviathan_ver1Nothing better than rounding out the weekend with a trio of horror flicks. To finish it all off I watched Leviathan, the story of a group of unfortunate undersea silver miners who come across the rusting hulk of a Russia submarine. When a safe is retrieved from the ship the crew is shocked to discover that the Russia sub was the site of genetic experiments gone horribly wrong. Hidden inside a flask one of the crew members unknowingly consumes tainted Vodka that will in a short time turn him into a creature nightmares are made of, and once one crew member is infected with this disease that genetically manipulates the host, it is only a matter of time before the others succumb as well.

To make matters worse for the three crew members who are left alive near the end of the movie, the company they work for has written them off as dead, sacrificing their lives in order to make a buck on what they see as a huge step forward in the advancement of genetics.

Now, this is an older movie – I first watched it in my freshman year of high school – but it was well worth revisiting sixteen years later. This movie is certainly no Hunt for the Red October, but it is entertaining none-the-less.

Rating (Out of 5):