Four-Men-WalkingThe form was dark and cold to the touch and from a distance rose up above the dense foliage of the jungle floor, appearing as  a set of dinner plates, stacked one atop the other and resting on edge. For as long as Albert had been alive he had known of the strange formation. Some members of his village said that it was the entrance to a great underground fortress, while others said it was a vehicle of some sort from a technological age long past; Albert, unsure what to make of the formation knew one thing for sure, he knew that it was no natural formation.

For several generations the people of the surrounding villages lived in harmony with one another not caring what the object was or what it may have been, and only glanced at it as traders made their way through the jungle from one village to another. That was until some such passers-by found gold or what they thought was gold. It was only then that that harmony began to wain as all surrounding villages laid claim to the strange formation, and after village people started to die by the dozens, every village rejected that claim and shifted their position, stating that the object was not in fact on their land but on the land of one of their neighboring communities. Soon after, war broke out, an act that had been unknown in these parts for all of their recorded history.

This is a story of that war and of the strangers who mysteriously appeared in the country side of this far distant land, themselves laying claim to the object, a claim all were happy to recognize, but still a position that they would all come to regret as the war shifted to fighting against one another to fighting these strangers from distant lands that held power far greater then these simple villagers could even imagine.