flashforwardWho wouldn’t like to go forward in time? Who wouldn’t like to go ahead and see what they’ll be doing twenty years in the future. Will you you be a CEO of some large company, or happily retired, spending your days on a warm beach some where in the South Pacific? Or would you even want to see? What if you were dead in twenty years time, would you want to know? This is the plot of Flashforward by Robert J. Sawyer.

In the book humanity is unexpectedly moved forward in time by twenty-one years and everybody is given a glimpse of their lives for a mere minute and forty-nine seconds, but long enough for the pieces to be put together latter to give us a relatively accurate glimpse of the future and history leading up to that future. But not everybody has a visions, some are greeted with a minute and forty-nine seconds of a darkness, a symbol that they later come to realize means that in the future they are dead. So is the unfortunate story of one such scientists who was involved in the experiment that allowed all of humanity a glimpse into the future. His vision was blackness, a horrifying prospect since he is only in his mid twenties at the time of the vision.

Flashforward is drenched in scientific terminology, but don’t let the deter you from reading the book. The concepts are easy to follow and the story keeps you wanting more until you turn the last page. I bought this book on a whim; after reading the review and not knowing much about the author I decided to give Flashforward a try and I am glad that I did.

Rating (Out of 5):