domeI have yet to read Under the Dome by Stephen King, but I came across a blurb that King himself said in reference to the book, on Wikipedia. I feel he was hinting at why he was able to write the book in it’s entirety now and not when he originally started it in 1976:

Speaking to Time magazine on November 6, 2009, King said:

I was angry about incompetency. Obviously I’m on the left of center. I didn’t believe there was justification for going into the war in Iraq. And it just seemed at the time, that in the wake of 9/11, the Bush Administration was like this angry kid walking down the street who couldn’t find whoever sucker punched him, and so turned around and punched the first likely suspect. Sometimes the sublimely wrong people can be in power at a time when you really need the right people. I put a lot of that into the book. But when I started I said, “I want to use the Bush-Cheney dynamic for the people who are the leaders of this town.” As a result, you have Big Jim Rennie, the villain of the piece. I got to like the other guy, Andy Sanders. He wasn’t actively evil, he was just incompetent—which is how I always felt about George W. Bush.

As a person who was not a big fan of the Bush administration and fealt much the same way as King did, I felt it was important to include this quote. Also, when King said “[s]ometimes the sublimely wrong people can be in power at a time when you really need the right people,” truer words have never been spoken.