On a calm day like today the out pouring of radiation and solar plasma isn’t so bad, at least not bad enough to cause the irritating flicker on the shields surface that enclosed the city Alan called home. It still flickers and wavers every few moment, but at least today he could look out and see the distant mountain range and dried lake beds to the north, above which, looms the bloated red ember that was the Sun.

Looking back down, Alan tries to make out the once great canyon that lays just at the base of the mountain range and slightly to the east. After a few moments he is able to make it out, although his view is limited and partially washed out by the overpowering brightness of the Sun.

Taking a step back and giving his eyes a chance to rest, already feeling a headache building as a result of his constant squinting, Alan leans over the edge of the gantry he is on and peers  down on to the sprawling crowd below. The people seemed normal enough. They walk along sidewalks window shopping, their children holding their mothers hands or being held atop their fathers shoulders; while older kids walk up and down the streets in small groups, laughing as they talk amongst themselves. All are oblivious to the every growing Sun outside the window and seemingly uncaring about the danger it posses.