Not to sound like a broken record but Stephen King is good at writing it all. Whether it is a short story or a long one; horror or something on the more serious side, he has done it, done it well and done it often. Having said that and having now completed Everything’s Eventual, I have not been let down. Within these pages may be (in my opinion) one of the greatest, if not the greatest, stories Stephen King has ever written – The Man in Black. There are many other stories in Everything’s Eventual but if you pick up this book and can only read one stories from it’s pages make it The Man in Black. The description and detail is chilling.

The Man in Black is the story about a boy who is warned not to go fishing beyond  a particular bridge on a certain river near his rural family farm. But as young boys often do, he doesn’t heed his mother or fathers advice and ends up coming face-to-face with something sinister and evil, something he escapes from with his life intact but, forever changed.

Other stories in this collection include Riding the Bullet and 1408, both of which have been made into movies.

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