Yes, a Tom Cruise movie, I know, but it’s a movie from the early Tom Cruise years, so it’s not so bad. Legend a Mid Summer’s Night Dreamish movie is the story of a princess who almost brings about the end of the world, a world dominated by an equal balance of light and dark, by touching a Unicorn, a creature that in some mystical way helps preserve this balance.

Overall I would have to say that this movie wasn’t bad, certainly not the greatest movie that I have ever watched, but certainly not a waste of time by any means. The plot was vague at times as to what was going on, such as: how and why do these mythical beasts have and maintain this balance? Also, when it is decided that Tom Cruise’s character, Jack, needs weapons, we are taken to a cave, presumably well hidden because only the elves and Dwarves know about, but no history is given as to the origin of this cave or about the owners of the treasure that is kept within this cave.

I have a sneaking suspicion that this might be one of those films that reads great as a book, but has something that is lost when brought to the big screen. All-in-all, the cinematography was great, the make-up and character dress was awesome, and the story was, well, OK. But like I said before, this is a movie you might not want to miss especially if fantasy flicks are your thing.

Rating (Out of 5):