It’s finally good to see that Stephen King got back on track with the Dark Tower series. After Wizards and Glass I thought I might have to abandon my guest to finish the series, but like Roland, I decided to go on until the very end. It’s not that Wizards and Glass was that bad, it’s just that it is a story that could have been told as a side bar – and not a five hundred page side bar. With Wolves of the Calla we are finally back with the main set of characters as they continue their quest for The Dark Tower.

Along the way they come across the people of Calla Byrne Sturgis, a town of simple farming folk who wish only to live their lives and raise their children. They are blessed to live in one of the more beautiful parts of mid-world, they are un-blessed, however, in the fact that it is the norm for parents of the Calla to give birth to twins, one of which is taken by a mysterious group of creatures from Thunderclap when they raid the Calla every twenty years or so, and they are due back in a months time.

When the ka-tet and the folk of the Calla are introduced they ask for the gunslingers help to defeat the Wolves and prevent their children being brought back to them roont, or severely mentally handicapped.

Mingled in with the plot is the sub-plot of the characters quest to prevent a vacant lot in New York from being sold and developed. It is here that the rose can be found – a representation of the Tower in the real world. It is also here that Jake crossed over to join Eddie, Roland, and Susannah on their quest for the Tower, and it is believed that if the rose falls so will the Tower, bringing their quest to an abrupt end.

They are able to travel to and from the two worlds with the help of Black Thirteen, the evilest and most powerful of crystal balls of the thirteen mystical balls known as The Magicians Rainbow.

Rating (Out of 5):