When I was eleven or twelve I remember seeing T2 in the theater and just being absolutelty blow away. After that first time I went to the theater two more times before I anqsiously awaited the release on video. Then when Rise of the Machines came out I remember thinking: what is this? So when I heard that there was to be another Terminator film I was less then enthused. When I heard it was going to be staring Christian Bale I was even less enthused. But when I got a special offer through my DVD club to get Terminator Salvation for only $10 I thought: what the hell.

Now I am not going to stand and here and say: man what a great flick, because it wasn’t, but for $10 it certainly wasn’t a waste of money. What I did enjoy about it – and you might find this amusing – is the throw-back scenes to the first two movies, or at least what I took for throw-back scenes – the running through the factory floor and the freezing of the terminator machine as it gets oh-so close to finishing it’s final objective, the killing of John Conner.

The bottom line is that if you enjoyed the first two movies, this one keeps with the spirit of them and gives background and history to the characters and events hinted at in those movies.

Rating (Out of 5):