“Please stay there, detective. I only came to talk. I have no intentions of killing you, but I will pull the trigger if I have too.” The man’s voice was now directly behind him, right where the front door is.

He is going to make a run for it when this is over, Hank thought to himself. Be ready.

“Who are you?” Hank asked as he instinctively placed his hands above his head.

“Now, now, detective Marshall. I’m not going to just give you my identity, what would be the fun in that. Use your imagination, isn’t that what you and the newspapers are good at? Hmm, giving criminals who avoid capture and strike fear into the hearts of the community names that let them live large long into history.”

Hank wanted to laugh but held back the urge. If that was true serial killers and murders would have names describing how mentally unstable they were or how they had issues with their mothers, and not names like The Son of Sam, or The Zodiac Killer.

“Can’t think of a good name, detective?” The voice asked as if he was reading his mind, a idea that Hank found unsettling. “Just call me ‘The Mystery Man’. The name doesn’t really matter. The reason for my visit is to talk with you about your ex-wife, Jesicca.”

Unexpectedly, Hank felt a swelling of anger deep down inside him and found the urge to turn around and rip the mans heart out through his chest almost unbearable.

“Why are you the one that killed her?” Outside a car horn blared on the streets below and the sound of police sirens could be heard several blocks over. It then occured to him that if he could somehow manage to get at his gun and was able to shoot his intruder he would do so not as a cop but as a civilian and what that meant he was not sure. Jail time? Certaintly a long barrage of questions. He brushed the thought from his mind.

“That isn’t the issue, detective. What I want from you. . . what I would like you do to for me is to give up your search for your ex-wifes killer; let this one go unsolved.”

* Just an preview